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Trip to Hong Kong

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2006-09-07 11:20:44
shopping paradise in Hong Kong , the price is high but still hanging drops in Hong Kong shopping you can be relieved , because Hong Kong does not fake brand , does not allow there are fake brand , no matter how much you buy an item , it has to do to ensure the quality of the brand .
is famous in Hong Kong buy , buy is cheaper than the domestic . in the end can be much cheaper .
known of several table cards, in others there has been swept for the third-rate watches , throw garbage forget . they said , and those tables we do not sell here , afford to lose that , we have to take it with Burley the price cheaper than the domestic half ,Luxury Handbags, not half of me a lose 10 .
powerful , big tone and finally people make up a sentence , not to watch with people to see, but for others to read , to Miss , and now a few point friends , I suddenly fell silent .
good people drop that superstition , which is also a timely turn out called feng shui fall . a little away to bring you an infinite fall best of luck. if it is true aside , Feng Shui is only one turn , Keke, if not finished , sell expensive. ha ha .
remember correctly, is (DUTY FREE SHOPPERS) duty-free shops .
difference between Hong Kong and mainland China is a great thing as well as electrical appliances , and electrical appliances to buy , but where it is DFS.
our family over there bought a camera and a digital camera, probably faster than the 8000 national provincial money it .
course, I was the most crazy, full of bargain around people , hear me have a big head . escape ah , ah long experience , my life has been the privilege of speaking Come jewelry VIP room , flattered , of course I was taking a small hunchback hunchback 's identity with the inside, and , to experience what is called the three karats , five carat diamond ring, hey , Hong Kong ah

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Change your shopping available career

Change your shopping available career qq 498441806
shopping site:
time Cosway company memo
1979 年 12 月 a founding president of the Malaysian Chinese Cai Zhenxiong the COSWAY Cosway Corporation
2001 年 10 月 eCosway (e Cosway) was established and began to expand the international market, the capital of about $ 40 million (e Cosway eCosway's other major shareholder is MOL.COM Malaysia Online company
2001 年 11 月份 won the Malaysian government awarded Sanhe City in Hebei Province invested $ 260 million Yanjiao Zone
2005 年 3 28 morning Yanjiao Development Success (China) Large Square project started, a total investment of $ 480 million
2005 年 4 月 4, successfully Group China's WEBCC million net announced a cooperation agreement in February
2005 Taiwan set up a branch
2006 年 9 月 3 Hong Kong branch was established
2006 年 10 月 2 9 o'clock in the evening opened Hong Kong shopping site
2007 年 1 月 21 at the Hong Kong Sheung Shui Branch opened
2007 年 6 月 3 号 Macau street shop opening
2006 年 11 5 January in Hong Kong held a five-star Hotel Grand Intercontinental Hotel E-Cosway Hong Kong branch opening press conference
2007 年 6 月 8 日 Chih-Yuan Chen examine Foshan, plans to invest landfill and five-star hotel
2007 年 8 月 shop
2007 年 Australia September 19 Nisshin PRNewswire - News News: Cosway Corporation under the U.S. NutraCea's stabilized rice bran products

2007 年 10 月 orders 5 - Australian Website
my original salary of one thousand yuan ! now turned several times! you think! If six months ago, I did not choose Cosway, may I still kind of numb the working life of living, dead earn wages, not their flowers, do not expect his girlfriend to family, a good material life! buy a house, support a family, honor their parents, these in addition to love, but also as a support material!
Cosway owners for me! had never been involved in the direct selling industry! but I have a Chengzhi and expect success and are willing to pay for the heart! a good teacher to take the lead! good team to lead me! so I TET team, gradually convincing a performance! team is growing! partners to grow and mature more ! This is my most happy!
gathered together and are friends to co-operate for decades, are fate! young me, young team, we have been working hard!
welcome all friends join! you want to work you are willing to pay, do not drop out next year, today, maybe not now that you live situation, where a professional Cosway teacher! computer professionals, financial professionals, accountants! designer! sales Director! years of Alibaba and Taobao to do matrix operations and support experts,Louis Vuitton Outlet!

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Discounted using a credit card to eat , drink 6 yuan Hong Kong T

Currently, a wide range of credit card market, banks have signed preferential agreements with merchants, from daily consumption of tourism, everything. How each consumer discount credit card use has become a good concern, each cardholder Sorry, have no
correspondents from banks, each bank's credit card at the local merchant has signed an include clothing, food, housing, transportation, entertainment, concession agreement, a total of thousands of people. peace, a different bank or credit card the night of the production, can have a 8.5 to 9% discount, sometimes, banks and companies will jointly carry out the special offers from time to time may collapse.
to pay points
shopping discount card is the most common way credit card discount, essentially all of the credit card market, such activities, but because of the different banks and businesses to participate in regional differences and discounts for example, recently, the Commercial Bank of China in Beijing Peony Credit Card holders can enjoy 10 million U.S. dollars, will be $ 500 gift activities on 20 December deadline for the export tax rebate rate, who is the designated car store credit card.
Guangdong Development Bank in August launched a discount point for the first time the event over 500 species of brush provide a card for the amount of discount points within the consumer's credit card, the highest proportional reduction of 30%, 7 equivalent to the amount of discount consumer.
China Merchants Bank's credit card business bank set up
for food, the restaurant has a discount card than any other benefits of China Merchants Bank in Shanghai, 582 Food Co., Ltd. tenants, including fresh Wing store room wall, Shanghai Old Station, West steak, etc., held investment puka, Gold and Platinum credit card, you can discount the total 8-9 times.
BOC Credit Card in Beijing, a big house, South Beauty, Quanjude, a small sheep 246, such as 7-9 can enjoy restaurant discounts in addition to direct benefit of credit cards, bank credit card customers can also print coupons directly through the website, now offers coupons, including the China Art Gallery, Museum chef, South Beauty (Xidan Branch), South Huangchenglaoma food hygiene.
deep, Shenzhen Development Bank Credit Card Master, in the October 1 to November 30, total credit card spending in a single card 888, Kentucky will receive coupons worth 20 yuan, however, the cardholder must be obtained in 2500.
tasted the food, come taste the wine of China Everbright Bank has recently launched a wine consumer Web sites, each order only in the discount code box: EBANK, they can order a total of 20 million decrease in cash.
Bank of Hong Kong Tour 6 yuan in the bank one day towards the end of the free exercise of
around The Petty eagerly, preparing to go to Hong Kong's shopping carnival, if bank credit card in hand, then, the Hong Kong Tourism will be more expensive now launched in Hong Kong Bank Carnival Tour , travel routes for the offer Guangzhou to Shenzhen customers to enjoy the exercise of freedom of the lowest of the day as low as 6 dollars (monthly limit of 100).
If you do not think that shopping in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Taiwan travel ideas, so you can participate in the Bank credit card promotions. Since 2009, June 18 to December 31, bank cards MasterCard credit card holders were invited to visit Taiwan, 1000 yuan per card concession stand, a comfortable eight teams travel around the island as three thousand nine hundred ninety-nine yuan low-designated routes, exclusive.
between now and December 31, as long as Air China Merchants Bank China Merchants Bank Credit Card Credit Card Center of the applicant to submit an application, the only successful bid January 31, 2010 on the card, any card using the card to spend (limited number), will be 800 km air miles rewards, this activity is very affordable.
CITIC The recent 12-month period, monthly brush CITIC Bank credit card transactions more than 600 pen (limited amount) or the cardholder than 1999 yuan, which is 31, every weekend or holidays cooperation, every movie studio 9 at the same time in October to December, the first successful application of CITIC Bank credit card holders can enjoy 10 activities in each film. China CITIC Bank
cooperation in the studio to check the oil in Beijing soup, and actively participate in international cinema, shops and large Zhongguancun Studios, Sanlitun shop, Guangzhou, as well as international cinema theaters and cities Jin a homesick store the official website.
Shenzhen Development Bank's credit card credit card customers in November 1-1215 month, credit card spending 20,000 yuan, can be free to participate in the December 25 Christmas party night in Lan Kwai Fong which card you are as soon as possible to participate in the main application,Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet, the bank will choose the top 50 customers to participate.

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Village for the villagers were forced to stop drinking tap water

Zhongguang Wang Shenyang on September 17 news (reporter Zhou Yi) Voice of China manganese exceeded, the water from the well to play up a cigarette of the effort will gradually yellow, two or three years ago, the government built for the village water supply equipment, but also laying a pipeline to each household, village They drink from a clean tap water.
Recently, however, the villagers call the hotline 4008000088 Central Broadcasting News, they said that the recent two months, this water, the village is not on the 100-odd drink, and had to re-iron and manganese exceeding drinking groundwater.
· villagers: for heavy drinking tap water to stop excessive groundwater

sight of reporters, Liu Tuozi six groups of villagers, the village began to complain that there are more than two months without access to running water, and Meng had to eat excessive iron well water.
villagers: more than two months do not give, Ga which is not bad water pump, can be next to a back tail, another to not give up on.
Reporter: water, how to solve?
village: now drilling.
Reporter: When water is built of?
village: this time last year.
Reporter: What reason do without water?
village: a call say that they are bad. To find the village, said water pump is broken.
villagers said, to pay the water charges per household per month is 60 dollars, the money to the village.
· Water Conservancy Bureau, the village, turn on the intricate relationship between staff

One question: WCB know knowledge?
correspondent to Liu Tuozai Village Committee, at a roadside water pump station unattended, the door half open, the reporter found that there are two pressure gauge to show pressure is very low. Liu Tuozi village mayor, said Xie, a month before the drainage member is sick, and no one has managed it.
thank the mayor: June and July, the pump is broken, changed the pump to the Water Conservancy Bureau, later changed faster than before. Played a lot of calls to the Water Conservancy Bureau, the village, 40 meters, the village no facilities.
village that includes the mayor and secretary to the Bureau of Water Resources made a phone call to reflect this, but do Kangping County Water Conservancy Bureau denied.
question two: water to whom?
thank the mayor and also denied the villagers' water is to the village, but to the release water is tap water station contractor,

Reporters: pay up of water, turn on the water but also to the members of the village is not part of it?
Xie village: water is not to the village.
Kangping County Water Conservancy Bureau Office of introduction, originally funded by the state to build a water village, built after the maintenance of the water from the village was responsible.
Water Conservancy Bureau,Louis Vuitton Outlet, Office of Water: Water Conservancy Bureau, because without this money, the township's water station is also a link role, but where the water handed, where it should be responsible for maintenance after completion of the matter. Bureau of Water Resources and Water Station can play the role of a link, but WCB does not receive maintenance funding.
question three: maintenance costs come out?
a month, water $ 60, the village 300 people, this figure is not a small number. The water station expenditure, heating costs, working hours and electricity all year round to be five or six thousand, big income and expenditure everyone what a small glance. Why not bring the village repair money?
reporter questioned how to obtain water drainage member station contract right? He benefited much? Xie Liu Haituozi village mayor said the village had a meeting to study the decision. Meanwhile, drain the responsibilities and obligations of members, the village did not come up with a corresponding constraint approach, resulting in an objective situation today.
thank the mayor: When I first did not think the device will be problems.
drainage member sick more than a month, it should be borne by the members of the maintenance responsibility for drainage is also not fulfilled. Now, there are still one-third of the village people again fierce iron excessive drinking well water. When they have access to sanitation and health of the water it? Voice will continue to focus on China.
(introduction of the Central People's Broadcasting Station news hotline 4008000088, sign-on platform or call the hotline, you can press your hands the first time clues to the feedback and we will be the first time sent a reporter to investigate the incident, report the facts, reveal the truth.)

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Guangdong, like a huge hot stove

People have a variety of ways to reduce body temperature

many people chose to go to Internet cafes, you can avoid the hot weather, it can be fun, do both,

blue moon, stand on the Chang'an a noisy street, a computer with thousands of Internet cafes, crowds, on the keyboard sounds like a movement,

I would like for you to use all of a turn, fell in love with a person How much fate, willing to pay for you do not feel stupid, love you so deep, so true love, really want this for the love of the eternal, you know you are my favorite people, through fire and water is not for you impossible, has never been loved so deeply, I met you I feel most fortunate person, you know you are my favorite people, give up everything for you is not impossible, has never been so loved deep, fall in love with you I feel I'm the happiest person

a corner of the computer sounded the most happy people, sitting in front of the computer A Man, A Man 25-year-old, has a love dream age, flowing hair scattered on the forehead, so drilling a few naughty eyes, handsome face covered with tears, slowly tears in the eyes dull, there was an ice-cold expression, a meter eight height, coupled with casual wear, giving a kind of feeling sad prince, with the music, the happiest people, slowly into the Arab culture before

A Man, a remote home in Hainan Village is not wealthy family, he very early to Guangdong, in a car wash, car wash workers do,

, came to Canton a year later, met Ali, Ali, and he is a fellow, They first met on a kind of foreign land refresher, the feeling of Brief Encounter, Ali is a very beautiful girl a waist-long hair, handsome face, apply a little foundation, white skin like snow, a pair of watery eyes kept blinking,

A text like pull her hand each time, her hand is always soft, always feel like holding the grip of cotton, A text like this feeling,

and Ali with the day, is vin feel the happiest, most fun thing is that A Man singing sound good, every time to sing his favorite song, the happiest people to listen to Ali, which often When the two men to smile, and then embraced,

June, the day is the day they met a year, Ali made her favorite meal on the table , and left a letter,

A text home from work, one saw his favorite dish, Hakka tofu, which

is A Man's hometown dishes,

Hakka Hakka tofu is a signature dish, use fresh tofu, pork chop stuffing added ingredients, the filling into the tofu,

, Ali, Sha day today, ah, get so many good eat, Ali, called twice still no one answers, A Man saw the letter on the table, he gently fold open letter

A Man, I'm gone, maybe we would have is wrong with , please believe me, I really love you, but I really do not want to tough times ahead, there is a five-year-old boss spotted me, he wanted to meet me, I'm sorry, I'm gone, do not me, you, take care,

Ali, Ali, A text like crazy chase out,

day, two days, a half later, Ali's no longer news, two weeks, traveled to Chang'an A Man, A Man against God, began to sing, you know you are my favorite people, all is not impossible to give up, never been loved so deep,

looking at the stars, A Man's tears wet skirts, Ali Where are you, Hey, A Man, you have Paowang Ba ah, yo, ye also cry smart, want to Ali the it, forget it and rich people are running, and Amin in his back patting shoulders,

Amin, A Man is the best colleague and best friend, brother, tall , cut a flat head, round face, fat, looks like a child so lovely, that poor hard for him to wear jeans on the body, it seems so awkward,

is a foreign country may be the same kind of feelings with each other to establish a deep affection,

by Amin in this film, A Man from the past in the back, A Man looked up and saw him,

you to, ah , do not you that fat girls took to the streets ah,

over and over again, what fat girls, and what is it really full, but not the appreciation, Amin said

good self-confidence is lovely fixating , A Man laughing Road, to sit next to me in this position, we are on the battlefield,

no problem, let us do battle side by side, roll up their sleeves and sit down

Amin battlefield is the so-called called Cross Fire game, only in the game, A Man in order to forget her, only in the game, Intervet Arab literary talent feel the wind, his own role, have chosen the best equipment,

Yes, A Man, tonight we drink to, Amin said,

ah, Shunpian Dai lover on your network let me see, think of A Man's girlfriend, said Amin, and tolerance does not live laugh,

8:00 pm, A Man first arrived in a casserole congee shop

, in that they are waiting for Amin,

casserole soup is the most adept of Chaozhou one of the midnight snack, is A Man's favorite, after a while, Amin and her girlfriend there,

shoulder-length hair short, fat little face, about five feet six, wearing a fat body skirt, and two dimples laugh, this is a small clearing, Amin's girlfriend, a small clearing is Amin met online, said she heard Amin, with Amin's words, to find a plump, only the most understand their own heart,

This is my buddy, Chi Man, this is my girlfriend a small clearing, Amin described the side,

Chi Man, hello, good small clear voice Sweet, can not imagine, her voice so nice,

Hello, call me A Man on the line, Amin guy really lucky to find you so good,

ashamed of small clear bowed his head, how can there be,

Amin and perhaps a small clearing with lots to talk about, say two-night non-stop, completely forget the existence of A Man, A Man felt so redundant What do, and making the light bulb, so drink up their own, and they occasionally touch the next cup,

Guangdong hot weather quickly in the past, the advent of cold atmosphere, A Man, spent in grief Day after day,

day a driving a BMW sports car to his garage where the car wash, a fashion girl in car washes,Louis Vuitton Handbags, flowing hair flapping in the wind, a dark and sunglasses, but cover Shui Lingling live pair of big eyes, delicate oval face, wiping a little foundation, small lips, especially attractive, some people doubt that she is not eating too few hours to eat, her beautiful fashion with the BMW Dream Car, car wash boy became the envy of many vertical, one to her car, that car wash Aberdeen, rushed around, and he was not alone, he is meticulous washing with Santana, his distaste for those who relied on family money on rich kids showing off her slightly looked up and saw him, but not handsome appearance revealed a pressing British Gas,

she see he does not look inside himself, mind that kind of arrogance, so that she would like to make fun of him, and lips slightly parted, Hey, handsome guy who Tsai, come and help me car waxing, he coldly retorted, my busy, you call other people, he played heart of her resentment,

which makes her heart an unpleasant, from small to large one would dare go against her, angrily blurting, poor boy, Han installed equipment, cold tone, so he lifted the head back to her one, I have you in the poor than the backbone, relied on the family, there is nothing to cattle, gas, she

, call gave the throttle, like a rocket to leave the BMW,

time to wash, she could see him kind of serious expression, the kind of proud that he did not look so tacky, she began to watch him, appreciated him,

cold winter, the breeze gently blowing, A Man standing on the bridge, puts the most happy people, a time when he and Ali stars in this hand, Chi said the future, began to sing, tears and quietly slipped, I guess You know it, Amin said aloud

A text back, saw Amin carrying two bottles of Tsingtao beer, and a packet of peanuts, is embarked on bridges,

ha ha, I really know who Amin also, at the moment I was going to have a glass of wine Xiaochou, A Man laughed,

A Man I said, things have been for so long, you think of A Lai ah, Splendor in the Grass, you can not hang in a tree, ah, very rich today that rich girl, you catch her, but also to man to enjoy good fortune ah, ha ha, Amin laugh grin

put your mother ass, you have to I Chiruan Fan ah, killing I do not dry, A Man with a straight face,

yo yo, quite a man of character, to know that Ali is What is left for you, not to order, Amin suddenly stopped talking, because he saw A Man, but also sad, you know they hurt him,

the air, still a good one will, A Man, Do not, things later,

A text does not say anything, pick up the bottle of beer aimed at filling inside the mouth, and finally threw the bottle of powder bad end he swore, go *** love, hypocrisy

mentioned by Amin, A literary talent to remember to wash today's rich girl who, indeed, she was very beautiful, but he did not like her kind of arrogant,

since seen the Arab culture, her height was a little different from that special boy, although he has a lot of money, a car, what to what, but she always felt something was lacking,

people always do, the more we get the more you want, the more care, more people to enjoy, arrogance, she slowly began to appreciate the boy, he was the first one, do not take her seriously people, appreciate his the way of serious work, his attitude is no longer the kind of contempt, but an appreciation,

occasionally to wash her, he would quietly look, she does, she has pride of capital , handsome face, plus stylish fashion, makeup light volume, shallow lip, who is not moved leisurely days of ecstasy

live, plain, with no surprises,

A Man Apart from work every day is the Internet, but also to stay quietly on a tall bridge,

wind and cool, cover your eyes the morning mist, he, as usual, to the washing room on the road, familiar with non-familiar BMW sports car, the crowd of onlookers, and be dragged into a car wash where he works to maintain, clear remember, this is the license plate number of her BMW, but the car has changed dramatically, how she and my heart flash ten million kinds of thoughts, but also by their own denial,

her car repaired, but also the same as before, suddenly, my heart float a little worried about how she, and even did not know why, a bit worried that he colleagues began to inquire,

finally he knew, she had a car accident, still in the hospital, I heard not a light injury, an impulse, he wanted to see her, a negative, not to see her, and what their relationship

not see her, because I do not know in what capacity, Moreover, hate this arrogant woman, dead go, which is said to himself, he began the first serious wash her car, a little bit of washing, not for her, this is the boss told,

A Man, do you remember the beautiful day that you drive a BMW that I want you to chase the man said, Amin the side said,

remember how the

heard that she had a car accident, and that beauty is simply not driving, that speed like an airplane, I heard not a light wound, alas,

this off our something, you one side, not blocking my work, so much for A Man to clean the car,

month later, she appeared, but no previous arrogance, pale cheeks, dull eyes, he gently helped open the door, even their own can not explain things, she was surprised, looked at him, yo, little guy, pulled out of the sun hit the west, but also concerned about the sister, not sister is a fancy bar,

disgust, dislike her heart beat this arrogant tone, leaving a cold, cut, I see you dead yet,

Ha ha ha, little guy, your sister my life do a great deal, die, disappear to instigate gave the BMW crowd,

she was so proud, is not all that rich, from which he beginning

think so suddenly, A Man 想出去走走, he has not forgotten how long to get out of the

night, so quiet, you can hear his breathing at night So cold, you can feel the cold breath, a walk in the light of the lonely figure, he homesick, and he alone, he tired,

soon as the brakes, disrupting his thoughts, but also to him back to reality from fantasy, looked up and saw a grin on his face, she,

Hey, little guy, a man walking is not boring, ah, to accompany my cup of chanting, when he did not hear. Continue to walk, yo, a big man, afraid to drink but a weak woman, ah, ha ha,

is such a laugh, he tired of the ridicule, he stopped, and three steps into two steps, went to her car seat, Puchi, she laughed, BMW like the wind, came to the door of a bar,

What is this scene, loud, scantily clad, twisting hip shaking his head, and called sound, clink sound This is his first visit to this place, apart from anything else she came on stage, on the point of a dozen of beer, an XO,

her slender little hand reached out, picked up a bottle of beer delivery to A Man,,

come drink with me, so much do not see him, a bottle of Heineken beer has been eaten, the wine saw her like a husband who see the wife, her belly straight drilling, Soon, put the drink light red wine looking at the green, then back up her eyes, those many tears are from the eyes of her charming big slide,

how do you, out of Curious, he asked a weak weak,, no how, my heart unhappy, and she replied puffing reeking of booze, then how do you, how to cry, his aging mother I am happy with you tube, finished walk out shaking,

Should hurried outside, although the heart beat dislike her, but she was a girl drunk and more dangerous, reason tells him to chase,

lights to pull her back a long He saw her lonely side, he knew she must have many stories,

him like a thief usually behind her, has been walking away, maybe she was really tired, in a grass squat, and perhaps alcohol attack, he saw her body shake,

she was crying, yes, and cried very sad, curious, sympathetic, so he gently walked over, took a very gentle paper towels, do not hurt, and crying stopped, apparently, she knew him in the side, her head slightly raised, a pair of water-Wang's eyes, look into him, starting from

anger, to slow slow to become tender, you can borrow under the shoulder with you, looking at her eyes, there is an irresistible magic, he gently sat beside her, so, tears began to wet his shoulder

After a long long time, maybe she really tired, slowly close your eyes, he did not dare move, and my heart there a hundred question marks, how do I, and obviously hate this girl, why is it so to her, like a for a long time also can not think why,

night long you, for some people, long for him, and even longer, so he keep her overnight, and his shoulders ache, moving slightly look, she woke up, what sit, Lile waist-long hair, you, you, you accompany me one night, with shame, she whispered, ah, he did not care to answer,

days are bright, I go back to school, she stood up, move forward, one step, two steps, three steps, she turned and said to him, little guy, thank you to accompany me, exposing the most touching smile, his heart trembling, this is the smile Allure do

A Man rubbed his eyes, walked to the car wash,

A Man, Where were you last night, seen how you come back, Amin asked

little to the side, last night, you're tired, sleep outside,

you compile it you kidding, is not secretly dating to the A that face the sinister smile

A text does not say, on the busy hands of the head of the live, night fell, the old quarters, messy beds, this is the place to live in Arab culture, dim lighting, A Wenjing quiet in bed,

A text, go to Internet cafes do, while wearing clothes while Amin said,

I do not, you go, a little tired tonight,

Amin they are gone, leaving the A text dormitory, lying in bed, a myriad of thoughts, Mary handsome face has emerged, slowly, Mary

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